IPASS2015 cancelled

17:02 - January 19, 2015

Dear all,

Due to the economic situation in Europe, an important number of IPASS historical participants and exhibitors has decided not to exhibit or participate during next edition initially planned next May in Toulouse (France) : this has conducted the IPASS Organization Committee to take the difficult decision to cancel IPASS2015.

IPASS2015 was associated with EUROPYRO2015, which is maintained, so that in case you are interested in presenting a paper related to pyrotechnics used in automotive, during EUROPYRO2015, you can take directly contact on the following website :

We do hope that better days will come again, in order to be able to organize IPASS2017 !
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Awards - IPASS 2005

As the author mentions it in introduction of his presentation, one of the main trends in automotive industry is to reduce the time and cost of development process. The committee wanted to reward scientific quality for the presentation of R.ANDRY as well as the original and new contents of the specific device developed during this study.

Extract of the abstract :
As far as gas generators (inflators) for Airbags are concerned, the aim is to design inflators fitting the performances required by the Airbag system, making as few tests as possible in Airbag. Numerical simulations of inflator functioning enable to make the link between Airbag and tank performances by computing the inflating capacity of the gas generator itself. For that, a specific parameter has been defined, called Inflating Flow. The relevance of this parameter has been demonstrated by comparison with Airbag deployment simulations. The aim of this study is to measure the Inflating Flow delivered by inflators, building a variable volume tank called 'Inflating Flow Meter'. In this device, the gases delivered by the inflator push a piston and thus increase the volume offered like in an Airbag deployment

After several years devoted to R&D activities concerning inflators for Airbag, the author demonstrates once again the interest of his work and especially their concretization through many products developed by his company LIVBAG within the AUTOLIV Group.
Award - IPASS 2005 Ch.JUNG ( TRW - Airbag Systems- GERMANY)

The contribution of the author with his presentation to the characterization of the performance of an inflator is completely exemplary. The complexity of the phenomena and the different tools available (experimental and analytical) to characterize them is abundantly illustrated in the proceeding presented by Ch. JUNG. The scientific committee thus wished to award this invaluable and exemplary work for our community in automotive safety.

Extract of the abstract :
A deployment process of an airbag is highly dynamic and difficult to describe. Thus, understanding and developing a well-balanced inflatable restraint system requires both the characterisation of the inflator output as well as in-depth analysis of the energy budget of the remaining system. In this paper we concentrate on inflator performance. It is mainly defined by mass flow rate, total temperature and the composition of the exhausted inflator gas. To determine these three (generally time dependent) functions several approaches can be used. We give an overview on the different methods and identify ? based on experiments and analytical considerations ? advantages and disadvantages of the underlying physical models and concepts.

This award confirms the important role of Ch. JUNG within his company TRW and of its contribution with the developments of new restraint systems.

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